Sex is a Superpower/Sexless is Self Harm

Sex is a superpower, she said it over and over again as she breathed in the liberated air of the Toyota Camry and waited until the man she was with got into the car and sat there, parked, just staring at the driveway, staring at her until she parted her hair. It’s pretty vanilla. Is the price still high enough for you to think it thru?

I’ve never been with anyone before.

(I sense convenient fiction)

You can just stay here if you want.

What about you?

I go home.

This isn’t how I thought it would be.

How do you think its going to be?

That you are so exploited and I’m exploiting you.

Sure you are. And you are being exploited in how many ways? I’m not being smart I’m just observing.

That’s right I said, finishing him with a spurt and a gulp. Put the money on the dashboard. I sometimes feel that without sex I would be self harm but I am not old enough to legitimately know that as in I keep it cool that I know sex things but it looks in on me too, you know how you can catch a look of yourself and realize people can see too and they want to know where I have been.

I can’t tell them safely

And yet it persists.

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