Beautiful Abandon is Born of the Demoness Cream(ery)

Sometimes we aren’t free and can’t help ourselves to get anywhere but where we don’t want to be. If I am constrained by something maybe it is mere containment by an ideal or a prepossessing set of circumstances like racism must have been for and still is for Barack and Michelle Obama and their family after the White House. I remember saying some things I regretted and also, my twitter account was obviously hacked. This time it was actually me being psychotic and not anything (exceptional as was the norm, I should add): I was having a breakdown on line when the demons came to the door demanding answers and like someone who was assured of self-destruction I let them in to play with my modicum of self satisfaction and vehement annihilation of all moral principals save for the basic rudiments of the vacuum, you know, the vacuum of my soul trying to match material goods while there was still time to breathe. I know it’s not that dire but maybe it is when you have a visibly upset Maria Elena Torres and her newfound accomplice and my potential assailant, the carjacker and finance worker Alicia Bolero, either trying to coddle me into her cleavage, get cocaine up my nose or slap me silly for saying what I was saying like

come on chico time to stop fucking around with this shit okay homie, leave it go now…you don’t have to listen to that shit in your head with these motherfuckers taunting you and goading you and the fuck like come on man do you know what the fuck is at stake and you are acting like this for fucks sake God damn it come on get over here and give me a hug how long has it been?

When did you get back, I asked Maria, rueful to know where she had been (worry about knowing the whys and wherefores of the demonic set, worry about it greatly), knowing that the underside of heaven was a stopgap in a war against the astral plane trying to take dominion over the planet thru the application of rogue tech and a cult of personality for whom I was only beginning to get in touch with the following in order to convert them to my Goddess cult(ure) and sect of ordinance, the gospel of the law such as there is no judgment that needs to bind you but that of necessity and even in that, be kind to yourself.

Listen, don’t hurt people who are obsessed with you, because they are too numerous to discuss and just let them have their little obsession with you, it’s not hurting you at all and yes I want you to renew your vows, when the darkness is deepest, never nearer is the light or something like that IDK what to say to you buddy, do you want this or not?

Of course I said, looking askance as she motioned to her pubis and my eyes followed her gaze to Alicia’s camel toe and the smell of saffron doused in biological gasoline and we made it right there, me getting tarted up while the demoness sucked my penis and then we rolled around for a little while the three of us became an almost alien presence in the room while the Tina Goddess fucked me, Maria and Alicia as the guardian angels, me as their courtesan in some capacity a retainer against boredom (look, a man to sacrifice, jk, we like you…for now) and of course it’s not that problematic to be me but maybe it is IDK what to say about anything except for the State exists within the boundaries of it’s own rules and sometimes those rules are broken to keep the State safe from people that don’t adhere to any rules at all, can you believe that, people that don’t want to play by Empire standards, which are a rip off if you want the truth.

The demons are excited though. We have something new for you, she said. It’s in proof of concept right now and we want you to work on it for us. You aren’t doing anything right now are you? How about a couple hits of Colombian Marching Powder and you suck Maria’s clit for a while longer while I do something on your laptop for you and then we can get you geared up for mind coins and Social Coin in particular, it’s the flagship offering of the Cot→G such as it is right now.

Did I hear you right?

The cult of the Goddess is actively intervening in the Internet of Bodies such as it was mooted…we see that as ground for wholesale harvesting of organs such as you could pull that off in a matter of a couple of days if you blitz the motherfucker like I know they can, so we aren’t standing for that, we are going to pistol whip the motherfucker that does that, right Maria?

Alicia, relax. Calm down. This guy is open worship, not open carry…he’s special to some degree in the minds of certain people that are yet to be named for some inclement social variety of sanction or censure directed at our poor client er possesse, we kind of like this kind because he birthed me thru his own sacrifice so something rings true when we fuck with each other…

At least you are conscious of who made you, Alicia said, I don’t remember who I am at this point, I only remember running from the terror squad with the red helmets, the Scorpions, bad men with bad intentions, hated where I come from. I am Fernadino’s cousin, do you know who I mean?

I know who you mean, I said. He knew about demons, that guy. And Nev, he came after that guy was more or less deposed or put in jail…I think…IDK for sure though, Nev was special for keeping kids away from the raids, specifically…it’s something to consider moving forward, given what you are tasked to do, Alicia said. Very sensitive things, my friend, don’t despair, you have us every step of the way unless that scares you, you can only embrace it to the fullest extent possible and wait for it to bleed daylight and fully live thru your expectations. I know your problem. You were expected to perform at certain level, this wasn’t just you expecting that. Zero compensation. Now you can explore something different. We have to get you out of here for a minute or two, get you social or at least social like so you can try out some of the mind coin features. It’s using your mind as a browser and so you can get basic arousal tokens, BaT if you will, not to be confused with Brave’s offering of BAT’s…arousal is a threshold state, also cyclic. So to mint coins, you have to be aroused and so there is a basic level. You aren’t the only one. You would be surprised how excited people can get. We need proof of concept. Desperately. We are counting on you to go out and get it done. And as you can see, the rewards, could be tremendous for you if you understand how you mine the fucking coins. By fucking coming you dumb fuck. Don’t you understand. This is a paradise for women; they can come men under the table in a heartbeat, just by sitting there. Women are pleasure beasts, if you stroke them right. So you see, you have to go underground and be social for us. Where you live is a disaster, we understand that and so if you can make some money some how, and we will throw you some cash to walk around with, a grand clear, figure something out, figure out a way to get this done for us. You have our abiding love and best wishes. What do you propose to do.

Just go somewhere and sit, I said.

I beg your pardon. I thought you were like fancy dancy…like you know, genius guy, where’s the theory genius.

I’m going to go there and fucking sit. What is your fucking problem?

You going to break bread too?

Do you understand what happens when I do stuff? I learned the hard way what happens, what demands on me and what is a complete hallucination. Sometimes I get it wrong. You are gambling on me, just like they did. What if I tell you to fuck off?

Do you like the way I fucking smell or no.

OH God don’t make me answer that…

I want a fucking answer. Now. Show me. Show me. Show me what you know.

I nuzzled her and then I made out with her cunt and she creamed in my mouth both her and Alicia, licking it out of their assholes and being rewarded with social coins that I could spend on line for other crypto, the mind coin is just a paradigm for cult manipulation and these two are ROGUE operatives if you need the truth, very very rogue and I love them dearly but come on now, the sky could descendeth at any hour with these folks in the house. That being said, what the fuck did I just do to myself. I didn’t come, I was just REALLY aroused, a new state of arousal for me, it was so much like abandon and those two women are so very beautiful, and I so need a medium state of being and didn’t Simone de Beauvoir say something about giving yourself to love like abandon and so Beautiful Abandon it is, that is what we will be able to offer people, the threshold state to a world of arousal that is so intense that it actually counts as communion with an ecstatic being that is autonomous from any human manipulation save for your capacity to send and receive signals. Can you believe that? It’s an immaculate concept if you want the truth.

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