Make Women Come for Cash and Social Coin…

There are a few technical questions around mind coins, for example, namely, is that what was around before crypto came onto the scene insofar as “fake” money for people in the form of pennies that held infinite riches if you could just see the outlines of the belief that was suborning you into it’s web of ontological intolerance. I remember being in the shelter and someone across from me said, in deference to the fact of the matter, that he was rich in fake money, not the real kind. Maybe all you need is fake money and maybe all you need is for stonks to go up and a pandemic to mint some new billionaires and accelerate already existent social trends. That is where we are right now and for it to matter to me what the valuation of the mind coin is, I first have to understand how it’s being minted, where is the wallet and can beautiful abandon be a stablecoin and itself a coin that can be mined thru physiological release, of which women have the decisive edge over men, given the refractory period for men is significant and after three or four orgasms, the man simply shuts off or runs dry. Not so for women and so the bulk of the mining would be done using women’s release and also their subsequent monetary funds that could be distributed to the miners as a form of thank you for getting them the larger sack of cash.

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