Uhoh Toxic Valuations Have to be Sorted by the Network

Now, the problem of toxic valuation pertains to all of this given that tainted or toxic adrenaline can be mimetic of arousal of one kind or another, is arousal of one kind or another and so there would have to be the recognition that getting cash to come would be a function of royalties from the social porn that they were making by mining or farming the coins with the mental maps, the mind coins are biometric and in line with the IoB such as it hasn’t come on line yet and so before it does come on line, we can get something in place that will disrupt the whole way of thinking about people’s collective space. Back to toxic valuation, though. If you are mining social coin for the money, you want there to be a certain level of sophistication in the scene because that pays better for social porn such as clips of REAL porn are hard to come by and even more rare are porn with people you know in it, a sort of facsimile of the evening news and also the IoB in advance as well as the advent of social coin, which is starting to take off. Toxic valuations are similar to being weaponized by a group of people after you have been scapegoated by that group of people, weaponized in order to capture the value of the scapegoating in the sense of unity of purpose and conflict resolution or being the nexus to conflict resolution such as it is a noticeable thing that when the scapegoat isn’t being blamed, other systemic conflicts begin to manifest. Either you have an unbalanced blame schemata as it is or you risk autarky and toxic valuation that comes with conflict between entities that don’t have real fundamentals or necessarily need to exist on the level of adding humanity to the value of convenience that comes with scapegoating even the most minute social discomforts. So I had to go from the basis of being a scapegoat that was weaponized and in the process did a walkabout that set me in conflict with those that would seek to erase me from being weaponized subsequent to an intervention having taken place and my own struggles with being weaponized and the resistance this engendered on my part and on the parts of other people who took my part in fact. Toxic valuations are what happens when fraud metastasizes and essentially you have systemic values that are not remiss but the whole thing is backed by bad loans, that were the principal to be called in for review, the whole operation would cease to be viable for having shed light on the nature of the debt tranche or dark pool trade at work. And now we have actual crypto in the space as well, on the scene, with one failing that to me is a personal mission as opposed to a glaring personal deficit. I want to end blood drugs and bitcoin can help do that. Or, it can launder money for killers and keep that money out of circulation and out of the favelas and the barrio and the ghetto from whence it was extracted at high leverage, gun point or toxic valuation of a drug supply that is anything but advertised. Whatever the case, in order for social coin to work, there has to be a reckoning with crypto in the same space as there is a biometric “mind” coin that is based on the forerunning (and mostly fraudulent) theories of mental occultism and the potential of infinite riches available in null or in one penny, infinite riches with a copper piece that has been discontinued, I don’t know if they thought about that or not but whatever the case here we are, looking for a store of value in which to park our positions and for what it’s worth I want to mine social coin all the time because the level of arousal triangulates with the social difficulty of arranging release (sometimes it is physically impossible, although this doesn’t always dull the arousal when sometimes the virtual ease of sexual contact diminishes the value of the BaT to the extent that it becomes null, not unminted but “scratched” and unusable except in premonition or transactional trade.

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