Proof of Concept or Separate the Drugs from the Market Cap of BTC…

Proof of concept is tricky to nail down when you are a demon, which is why they have put it so squarely on my plate to bring the ultimate rendition of the theory to fruition, which is to say, sponsor a radical examination of the facets ways means and modes that sexuality is intrinsic as social currency and also, has the benefit of being a parallel to drugs, which are also social currency of their own, and conspicuously, just like sex, get suborned by all kinds of ulterior forces and motivations, some of which are the toxic valuations of shame as social control, not for any actual moral component to it. It’s pure power, leveraged by the sabotage of the facility of the recipient to enjoy their own body and so they are complicit in their own mortification and delivered against their best interests to their worst fears by such an approach. There is the sacred in sexuality, no question, but we rope that off and put barriers up when it should be much more to the test of actual focal and literal fealty to the act of worship, which has been eclipsed by all the profundities of monoculture playing out such as it does over many generations where finally out of desperation, plurality has to take root or else the whole enterprise becomes too stagnant to even navigate and cultism and hyper-stratification start to bite in on people, along with the level of experience that doesn’t seem to get discussed. Social coin is in that realm and so to think about it, you have to construct a whole paradigm of inclusion, where people would necessarily want to have sex and be paid for it, the actual act of sex as a continual thing being on offer that anyone can casually participate in safely, given the right mediums and potentially the right sense oracle to divulge the necessary narrative contingency to operate in this vein, which is to say, revealing of your flesh incarnate, your desires, your soul, that is still on display whether you occupy it or not. People tried to steal my soul, I guess, sort of occupy the liminal space between myself and my other conceptions of things that can’t be done for the sake of remedial enterprise. To put it mildly sex and drugs are what makes us human, along with media and technology, which is to say, personal media good, social media not so much in this light of continued surveillance of basic formulas, like search order. Why is the search order contingent on the product and not the searcher. This is quantum mechanics, and it’s a basic orientation of what comes first, the search or the optimization, like is there data without the search or is it tuned to the person searching, which means it can be manipulated as opposed to the person doing the search is somehow able to determine their own relationship to the product without having to be subject to this arcane and byzantine world of 3rd party data and ad networks that were frankly homicidal at some point, because my computer was trying to destroy me, using a nickname that I gave myself and pro skaters, Brazilians whom I don’t have any quarrel with me, really at all. I don’t think they do because why would they necessarily; Leticia and Luan don’t give a fuck about your corporate agenda, how they skate would speak to that…they are incredible and they just do what they do, they don’t care if you do ice all day, and also, who is the General? He’s the most private person around, get it?

Anyway, enough of that; what I want to know is how to initialize a biometric network that is essentially the IoB in non-sectarian terms, as in it would be a publicly monitored space with access to individuals based on their set of determinants that include non-specific search terms, as in you can divine things from a lot of sources, and so the profit motive tends to color things. Selling ads is the profit motive; people do things because they want to, not because they have to. Do things because you want to; if you have to do something, than you find ways to expedite it. When you want to do something, you can really get to know what it is you are dealing with, necessarily and with pleasure. Right? I’m looking a stage beyond Web3.0 right now where you could monetize sex as a social currency and have a stablecoin that would help defray some of the expenses of the biometric blockchain which would be 3D printed as well, if you wanted to literalize and also, keep the whole notion of an organic blockchain, a planet computer, alive. Internet Computer? Planet Computer. That’s what we need from this. In the meantime, how do you prove the concept that you can mine social coin that would have valuations of social porn embedded in the script, along with the level of arousal and intensity of release and the complexity of the problem solved by the intersection of sexuality, surrender and radical peaceloving as opposed to war capitalist hate mongers who have monetized hate to such a degree that it certainly colored my life with trauma and also a desire to completely fuck up any chance this system of righting itself and slowly take it down from the left wing if you would be so bold as to think that this could happen and this is worth the price of admission. So what has to happen with bitcoin and drugs in order to fully rationalize the price of the currency and also, with ether and dash and zcoin and monero because those are likely to be used as well, privacy coins they are called. How do you separate the drugs from the market cap and then how do you get that money back from all the hidden accounts the State must have with all their looted drug money that funded some egregious shit I should add. Fuck you NEC, I want your heads on platters goddam it…you know the kind of mayhem these people unleashed on this fucking country. Seriously fuck you. I’m not your friend and I was weaponized probably on some dictat of yours in some capacity or you just looked the other way of some major shit if you hadn’t noticed. In any case, what is there say about separating btc from the drugs in the market cap? Can you do that safely or will it tank the price? It shouldn’t, but how do you even do that in theory…you would have to study the blocks and track down some of the spenders and then formulate some models as to how much of that was direct from street drugs. Remember they launder in all denominations and at all angles, so it’s really hard to figure out whose got what and where it should go back to, so just take the lot and distribute it, in my view. Very mercantalist kind of operation I would like to forsee where you can’t accumulate more than a billion dollars before the public trust takes a healthy interest in your operation. I don’t like billionaires; they are grifters and the rules are different for them. I live by rules that have been imposed on me and I can’t even see the sense of it; these motherfuckers go around and do what they do and everyone else has to be obliged to their state of excellence…meanwhile, what exactly did you do to get there. A mafia of some kind? Oh that’s what I thought. Never mind, that’s cool, I’m in a mafia too. It’s called street family. Anywhere in the world streets are something I can relate to and it’s low key organized crime in some capacity of street craft being avenue led enterprise, either delivering drugs or delivering sex or conveying sentiments of some kind to necessary parties, however you want to make it particular about what people can employ you for. I’m not threatening PayPal with anything substantive. If anything, I just want to point out that I don’t really care that much about being on the streets forever, it’s not like that. It’s just like second nature now, and so that is anywhere. Really, I prefer the bush now that I’m older; I grew up having to go to town just to see people, and they would travel long distances, just to see me. That’s how I grew up. There is a distance here in life, between ourselves and sex and it’s been imposed, slavishly, by our forebears who are now gone, so they don’t know the fuck you are doing so you can get over that now. I don’t know about you but I need to have it whenever I need to have it. It’s a creative expression of goodwill and a good life if you know how to lead it. You have to give people room to live their lives, and that means having a sex life is de rigeur and in fact, probably anyone who is sane, is probably thinking about sex right now. By sane I mean not totally checked out of things. I have my moments of being psychotic and I think I can be comfortable with that at this point. If people avoid other people, it’s best to leave them to it…I don’t want to see people because I will snap on them and hurt their feelings if not their bodies. I don’t need the drama. Writing like this is good to post just to see what people get out of it. There is something here but it’s very finely attenuated to some pretty scary stuff. Separating the market cap of bitcoin from the drugs using what mechanism, a stablecoin and a commodity peg in the dark web with a crawler…how about that?

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