The Million Dollar Date is the Bait…

I became consumed by hate and slipped into psychosis online, bringing the demons to the door, pounding angrily and howling my name, telling me oddly enough to calm down and listen to them for a second. I have a deal, I have a deal, you have a deal, you have a deal you dummy, Maria is going to give you a deal because if she waits you might not be around much longer and then we lose our chance with you. We don’t want that, Alicia said primly, motioning me to do a line of cocaine off the book on the table. It’s cramped in my room at the Y, me and two demons in there after all, just sweating it out, practically on top of one another. Maria Torres calmly suggested we go for a walk and then perhaps a quick ride in order to order my mind for the test to come and possibly to reconnoiter the rest of the team in order to facilitate the development of one crypto currency called Street Coin and the research of another called Social Coin that had an unorthodox method of minting and mining the coin, also intended as a stablecoin to facilitate the flow of money into the crypto while allowing a stable price against the potential volatility of speculative arbitrage and bots galore. The thinking was to offer securities around decriminalization, with a specific mode of DeFi reserved for a pool of funds for maintenance doses and for housing in relative relation to the individual who is undergoing Maintenance Assisted Treatment, doing a MOM and finally, adopting MOB…what is the difference between maintenance orientation behavior and drug seeking behavior in terms of cost to society, the individual and also, the amount of drugs necessary to cope with the stress and anxiety of an addiction, coupled with all the emotional burden that more than likely stems from unresolved trauma? What is more, this process can be initiated from maintenance clients who hire you to coach them to do maintenance, Alicia said, looking at me squarely.

“Can you manage to not get anyone killed?”

“Let’s talk about that” I said. How much red tape is there around me and how much are we relying on systemic variance to get by here?”

“Define systemic variance” she said as we got into the black electric Escalade, the two demon narco-goddess’s in the front, me in the back, a reasonable approach to Kali if you want the honest truth. She said simply that it was worse for everyone if you didn’t fight back, it was your duty to fight back, even if you see your family on the other side of the divide as they surely must have been, them and their liberal ilk.

I shuddered.

I guess so. Anyway, liberalism devolves into fascism when there is a dearth of structural incentives to maintain and expand social programs that basically serve as a baseline of modality for State to serve the people at the lowest ebb of society, as well as avoid being an encumbrance to those more suited to productive work as opposed to those that can do work (like sex work or domestic tasks for example) that isn’t considered to be a monetary kind of endeavor, necessarily speaking…society depends on unpaid labor and sexual exploitation for it’s sick semblance of reality and so it’s our duty to disrupt that as fully as possible, if only for the sake of those that come after you to have an easier time of it, or at least, face different quandaries than being persecuted just for being you.

IDK what to say about that, I said, grinning without mirth. There is nothing to say about it. I wanted to convert the cult around me into a Goddess worship outfit. The cult of One is also the Cult of Many, if you will. A Friend of Christ, the Goddess is in the Flesh of Immaculate Touch and the Rule of Law as redeemed by moral conceptions as well as spiritual stipulations that we all remain in a position of vulnerability in relation to organized systems of oppression that are tacitly on offer thru the State system. The Cult of the Goddess would like to finance another look at sacred sexuality, if only to create a thought experiment around the possibility of mining crypto thru people, bio-coins, mind-coins built on the occult potential in the mind and the (potential) ignorance of the practitioners towards basic scientific precepts or at least, a modicum of common sense absent the blatant witchery and overt sorcery that seems to predominate the scene. Or at least it has predominated, Maria said, giving me the eye, smiling despite herself. I have news for you, she said. I have good news. You are the million dollar date, are you not? Don’t say anything about where that comes from, it’s an unhappy origin, we know, but what about now? What could you do with 1 million dollars? It’s the only thing I can do for you, call it a settlement of sorts from the demonic side of femininity that still cares about the men they consume, and yes, we eat men all day if we can. We like to dip you in our favorite, pungent sauce, yum boy yum, what, too much? You can’t handle the cockswallop?

I don’t know about that I said to Maria, kissing her on the cheek and then on the mouth as she breathed into me and I could only think of her other lips, her hands on me as she pulled me closer to the point of fact where we could be alone with the naked truth of what needed to happen. Alicia is naked with us too and I enjoy licking the demonic vagina while they fret and thrum over me, talking excitedly how they can get me another 5 million if I just trust them with some of the principal and I’m like, wait a minute, I don’t even have the money and it’s spent already.

Good work, Maria said abruptly, pulling on her top and then shaking out her hair, leaving me alone with Alicia while she went to get her phone and her computer. You see hombre, see these numbers? It’s just numbers to me. Anytime you want that money to move, you tell me where you want it to go. When you hit a million your time is up and you better have something to show for it or we eat you with a vengeance. You might like it, some do, but probably not, you want to stick around for equality don’t you. We don’t need another masculine martyr to muddy the pool of converts, now what was this about an incel intervention?

I’m not sure I said and we left it at that.

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