Minting and Mining Social Coin with the Mind Browser&Communal Release

There has to be thought of as a split or manifest difference between arousal and attention, such as tech wants your attention but only a fraction of your arousal. What I mean by this is that they are primed for outrage, anger, division and paranoia, thru your feed. That’s arousal but in a certain direction, and not without negative externalities if you will. What if there was a way to mentally navigate while minting coins for a physiological crypto in the sense that your mind is built like the tech is built. Computers are built like brains; AI uses a neural net that is like a brain. More to the point; your brain can use frequencies that the tech employs and be forgiven for crossing over into techspace using conventional modes of initiation, of thought, action, memory, presumption, anything really that employs a mental frequency that could also be at work in a technological offering, node, app program or platform. Knowing this to be the case, your mind as a browser, has some potential, if you can learn how to tunnel and turn everything else off. It helps to be aroused and so in order for your mind to be a browser, there needs to be a minimum number of signals, meaning the network effect of many minds as browsers would allow a single mind much capacity to browse what was available in the physiological cloud. That cloud is at work anyway, if you remember that your brain copies frequencies from tech or vice versa, not sure which it is at this moment. This has led to some startling instances of telepathy and a budding moment of telekinetic energy whereby I jerk spasmodically when people are training their attention on me, telematically or remotely. So your mind as a browser would be contingent on the threshold state of arousal of a certain number of people as well as your own arousal which could in theory, surmount the lack of network power. What would you be browsing? That’s a good question and so how would you be able to lard or seed the physiological cloud with things that were interesting, like social coins for example, that can redeemed for cash or for social currency such as somewhere to live, something to eat, something to read, some attention or some care of some kind. Your physiology already is money but it’s a certain kind of money; it’s not under your control. Do you ever find that you are tired all the time? That you have no time for yourself? That you work all the time? This the physiological enslavement of capitalism which is premised on artificial scarcity. There is plenty of time to take of yourself. There is plenty of time to enjoy the world such as it is. Yet capitalism says there is no time like the present to…accumulate more stuff and to get more stuff. So the mind browser can help you with that, but really, the consumer experience is physiological first, before it’s acquisitive in nature. This should be obvious to anyone who has ever tried to buy something and just couldn’t for whatever reason, your body won’t let you. Or, you buy it too quickly and you can’t adjust to what you just brought into your life. This is a function of disconnection and dysfunction in the mind browser such as it would be possible with a threshold state of communal arousal, to mint mental coins that in turn could be mined by orgasm or by a surfeit and increase in arousal of the male, orgasm in the female because it’s much less of a refractory event and in fact is more like a layered cake or series of plateaus with some decided peaks of pleasure thrown in if you understand how women work. Do they understand how they work? That is the question here and so how does this physiological gamut get to be valuable if mining the coins was done thru orgasm of some kind, or release of collective arousal, which is to say, tension. The release mines the coin and it’s selective and also communal insofar as you have to solve the problem given what’s allotted and you can lose the coins when people fall out of arousal or cycle into some other state of attentive being, holistically or not. Remember, we are annihilated by capitalism, women especially. Who is told that…they need makeup, and plastic stuff for their genitals around periods when that’s toxic and so and so forth. Women bear the brunt. And so in the same vein, their arousal can be cosmic. They get to a higher place of arousal then men however, it’s not as continuous or sustained without some kind remedial action. What I mean is that men are generally hornier but when they come get way more turned than any dude knows what to do with and in fact the male cycle of arousal and refraction and the male arc of release can be quite shallow and unsatisfactory to anyone, including the male himself who might not know that there is a genetic reason to prolong pleasure, if not solely for the sake of social evolution. And this is where we are now with the idea that you could mine the coins based on release of the tension that was the actual threshold to get the mental browser into the positive state necessary to be able discern the nature of the social coin, such as social currency is packed with data, not all of it meta.

Cleaning and repurposing data is like 80% of the job for data scientists. So in this case, it would be necessary for some kind of medium or oracle to be present in order to facilitate the mining of the coins thru social porn such as you could be guaranteed a payout if the requisite orgasm was tallied as social porn and marketed as a niche AND as an alternative to the nightly news and the entertainment gossip. You could gossip at a much higher velocity with social porn, if you know what I mean. That is, it would be impactful who did what with whom and for how long, knowing they can get paid for it either by mining the coin OR by selling the social porn OR by selling ads IN THE social porn itself as a medium of translation or inflection from a patriarchal violence ridden ape inflected society towards a bonobo based or bonbo-centric view of things, which is that ritualized sex and soothing can be used to solve problems, way more readily than a gun or the same tired platitudes and coercive modes that figure prominently in currency. Remember, that money means everything; if you don’t have it, you don’t eat. But shouldn’t eating be a basic right when you have this much food around? Don’t we lack relevant social currency that would allow for the valuation of alternate modes of experience that aren’t so alternate, they are just switched over from the toxic valuation of the Almighty dollar, which is poison from the beginning, given how narrow it really is to make one of those. How much does your dollar cost? And how much would social coin cost to develop? What is the proof concept here and how do you mine the coins based on the release of collective tension which can come from individual orgasm or from many orgasms such as you would have to streamline the mining process around the mental browser and the level and necessity of fantasy that was unfolding and so you would have to clean up your fantasies, just enough to be socially workable, that is. The mind browser is something to consider as a means of making everyone their own medium. The mind browser would rely on oracles that would impute or imply or infer the correct level of response and also, be able to stoke the collective arousal as need be in order for the mind browser to launch at all, and start minting coins that are chock full of sense data and identity realm type inferences that soon become social imperative. There is a lot here and I want to return to this at some point in more detail and depth such as it is necessary to apply some of this logic to bitcoin. What would the market cap of these coins be? What is the fundamental store of value? How much of sex is a drug? And how much drugs should you take to become hyper aroused. That is the state we are looking for; hyper arousal in a hyperreal mindset, it only goes to show because your stimulus is just a lower magnitude of arousal and anything but holistic awareness ends up annihilating itself by necessity and from the pain of separation such as collective arousal is a form of unity, fractious, divided but ultimately in the hands of oracles who can at the very least guide the proceedings towards some workable form of social porn that also sells well. This would be a creative undertaking and it would also be risky as fuck because people would want to overwhelm the oracle with cognitive dissonance or even kill the oracle if they feel slighted and mistake the fantastic nature of the engagement with something more serious and prideful or at least, connected to their ego. That is the point of this at all but some people, you just can’t do anything with them, whatsoever. Hopefully these are few and far between but sometimes you get entire groups that are insensible to anything but what they know, which is a shame because sometimes solutions can be levied from a distance that you don’t like. That’s how the Internet of Bodies was going to be. I think it’s an excuse to harvest organs. Social coin could happen…i’m going to break it down in to manageable parts such as the mind broswer is the same as mental frequencies being calibrated to tech, something that could be done if we are allowed to believe in telepathy, which I do very strongly. Again, people just have to be able to explore without being censured, I can’t say the word canceled because IDGAF and I heard it in a different context, along with the word disband. That’s how I feel about those insensible individuals who live to cause you trouble for whatever reason. There would be plenty of that in this particularly vocation of social rehabilitation away from the trauma merchants of the moment and towards some actual compassion and empathy for the corporeal state of human beings, who have bodies, genitals, minds and precious little outcomes that favor this synergy. Your mind is the biggest sex organ there is and we completely ignore it in favor of shallow forms of gratification that are in fact coercive to women and deleterious to men for that same reason.

More to come.

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