Back to the Lake

The world is full of alienated precognition, the secret seeming to be to venture past the valleys of past miscreeds that would threaten to keep you hostage to sedentary arrangements, and also, to breaking news, such as it can happen that way. No one is saying it though so it’s like a wave breaking on your head, all for purchase on one little strip of mental activity that seemed to have to contract to field a whole panoply of potential actors from a multitude of directions. In this moment the demons descended on me in my room at the Y and said we are getting you out of here for a while, you need to go up North, and so we flew from Pearson to Thunder Bay and from T. Bay to Kenora and from there a short hop on a helicopter out to the place on the lake that someone said was known about by Keeanu but ultimately passed up for a friend of a friend who says it’s a motherfucking time share among production assistants in Hollywood, kind of a secret hideaway down the lake from Kurt and Goldie, and of course, a good hour out of town so you had to stock everything yourself. That’s what they told me on the way, Maria sitting on my lap and Alicia purring in my ear as the nieces dozed on the ceiling, hanging upside and making snide comments about Alicia’s cleavage and how my face was so nicely nestled in her boobs and how contumely it looked in all sense of the word. What the fuck is contumely, how do you contume with something. Doesn’t matter to us. Carlos and Jack(lin) Trance are going to be meeting us at the helipad in K-Dot and they have ahem supplies, enough for a good 72 hours of strategy as this route will be used to ferry in only the political talent we want, all of it female, there are very few men around at the moment except for Carlos and Jacklin is the hot tranny mess that is almost a bearish sort of embrace of all things camp but with a heroin edge. She’s really stoned right now and that’s fine with everyone. She does IT and she keeps thing swept for bugs as much as we can afford to do so and still function. The overarching paradigm of mass surveillance we aren’t going to defeat in any given moment out here. I am relishing the air; I grew up on this atmosphere, some early mornings on the lake are so mystical and purpling in their velocity of birdsong and chatter in the bullrushes. This is a beautiful lake, world class and it’s good to be home or at least, close to where my home would have been if I hadn’t been sort of closed off by liberal elites and fed to the worst fascist tendencies of anyone. That is what we are trying to discuss here, and also, keep me secure because the whole thing was sliding, after months and rumors and weeks and leaks and counter leaks and theories and someone said it’s rogue AI going elephant on the data siloes and of course not it’s some fucked up security analyst at NEC who went rogue and sold the wrong batch of secrets, some shard of some program that unlocked serious malfeasance at the Cabinet level and beyond, celebrities are in the data dump too, who the fuck got the info exactly? What if some extremist came looking for the obvious missing link in all this complexity, the driving force, the forced medium now an oracle of some providence in the liturgical sense of over-commitment by a following that was on it’s heels, looking at indictments for war crimes on CDN soil and the possibility of a very fractured ruling social consensus that had literally dissolved out of it’s linings, people jumping from things to avoid dealing with what they thought was to come. I can’t fucking face this and my safety is at risk and IDGAF I say I’m packing a fucking Glock and it’s not enough, what if they start shower gang tactics, you don’t have enough firepower around you to stop that kind of thing from being a happenstance if they get serious about wiping you out. I know, I know, it’s getting strange Maria said, shifting awkwardly and then sliding off onto the seat, giving me a look and then smiling for a second that gave me a look into the eternity that must have almost consumed her on the underside of heaven while she was there, chipping away at the firmament to reorder human affairs in the way she thought necessary, really it was holding back the tide of the astral plane attempting to fuse with momentary reality and failing to provide sufficient grounds for clarity and so it was a cosmic adjudication that brought her back to Earth and me into her orbit as the natural tendency, Alicia as a complicating factor. What we needed to do was vest my safety in something tangible, and that is what we were slowly trying to build. The mansion on the lake, rented out to try out various wonkette postures had to be done in order to sculpt the necessary layer of skills from the bevvy of offerings and necessary conflicts of temperament work ethic skin in the game, all of it.

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