The Beginning of My Personal Employment with Myself: Underworld Guise Talk Line, Wordplay with Raven Gray!!!

I have an investment in a business that I am now on the streets advertising. I am skateboarding and wearing a shirt with the decal of “Underworld Guise Talk Line” on my shoulder and my hat, as well as my bag, a moving billboard that also had business cards to go along with a verbal spiel about how it was nice to just have someone to talk to, a casual phone buddy, someone that will listen to your vent, flirt with you if you want, give you something to think about in one form or another either by reading something to you or directing you to read something for yourself in order to stimulate whatever part of your intellect you want to indulge at that particular time. You don’t have to be cerebral to call, and you don’t have to know anything about anything; it’s 99 cents a minute and that price might fluctuate depending on how valuable my time is, and how many callers I have. I would rather have a few dedicated people who just want to work thru some stuff using the techniques I have on offer, not giving away too much but erotic enhancement therapy is basically flirtation with some debriefing or even heavier stuff, with debriefing, so you get both sides of it. I know in traditional phone sex you phone and you get off and you hang up. In this, and my hopeful demographic is women, I would be getting them to where they want to be and then talking about it with them either on the spot or later on, breaking character of course, but also continuing the bond and the thread by other means, which can be hot if it’s handled right and very healing as well, given that people don’t always get to indulge their minds. That’s the slogan, by the way: Indulge your Mind with me, and let’s see what happens. The complicating factor is that I have been getting requests to meet outside the phone line, which up to this point I have politely deflected. It’s just that someone said the magic words. The million dollar date is a bit of a sore point in my life, which means that I am keen to vindicate or at least ventilate that part of my history or past association with a cult of manners, membership and some breadth and volatility of personnel; I don’t know who they were but I was at the center of a shit storm that was digital as much as real time and not in your face so much as remote-telemetry, some of which still applies today. I’m going to say that we are being watched, listened to and this is the norm right now. If you have questions I will refer you to Shoshanna Zuboff who is a professor at Harvard and wrote a great book about surveillance capitalism such as it is being practiced right now, as we speak, so proceed with whatever reserve you might want to ponder or leave it on the ground and indulge your mind for a moment in the confines of a space where that is expected or at least, promised. I promise you to release your intellect in the course of our conversation and you would have my undivided attention in doing so. Attention is addictive, especially if you are willing to allow some form of vulnerability to suffuse your mode; it’s not a permanent thing just understand that our conversations aren’t protected by any kind of laws regarding self expression, so be careful what you say because they might be listening to us. That being said we can skirt some of the issues and still make it satisfying; you don’t have to be hardcore to be cool about stuff, and we could certainly get there with all kinds of subliminal means and just plain old kinky flirtation and wordplay or sublimation that goes on anyway, and has since time immemorial. Now, it’s been getting a little more imminent that I’m about to have an encounter. I have seen it in the subsets of the natural atmosphere where you can hear the tendrils of reality amassing themselves into reasonable shape and form, or at least, in transition from the source of their utterance or exposition into the ether of this imploding society such as I bought the business to subsidize my lifestyle and because I needed something to do. The thing is that it’s getting popular now because I’m good at talking to them. I really enjoy it; I tell them to get high when they call me or do what they are doing, whatever you want to do. I’ve had some awkward moments but also, the rate is so low that it’s not worrying anyone to phone in and chat for 20 minutes, it’s 20$ but so what? I got somewhere, I got there, kind of, and really, I’m going to have a drink and call this guy and really have him tell me what he thinks of reality and what he thinks of me, and what he wants out of a woman, what he thinks is personal territory, really make a play for him, I’m trying to avoid that type of character but you never know how it will manifest in whatever sense of an encounter coming into sight. I feel as though someone is circling for me or for someone like me, some kind of live material, some kind of transpositional deployment of my attributes but in a sensate manner, that is, they want to digitize to make me pliable and then chop me up even further into little samplets they can drizzle over their hedonic audio that finds its way into every available nook and crevice or familiar fan, for that matter.

The hedonic audio is the least of my concerns. What if she has some kind of psychological burden that she needs to unleash on some unsuspecting soul and I am the one that released the demons, onto me, thinking I could handle any level of drama, no I cannot handle any level of drama and so I make it clear I want to develop a narco bloc where people who use drugs can mingle with people who traffic drugs and people who produce drugs and we can all get together and look out for our common interests and heal the wounds of the drug war, given that consumers consuming blood drugs are fueling the conflict, we owe them an apology and a vow of fortitude that we will do what we can to repair the damage to their social ecosystem because of our repressive laws and stupid lifestyles. The narco bloc is to harvest equity from the drug world that isn’t trammeled either by laundering or by law enforcement, to cut a new swathe that can be adhered to by anyone for that matter but specifically welcomes former or current syndicate operatives that need respite and harm reduction health care products that I can provide at their convenience. The phone line is to fund that venture.

Underworld Guise Talk Line: Indulge your Mind and Wordplaywith Raven Gray…

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